Package org.libvirt

Class NodeInfo


public class NodeInfo extends Object
Node data from libvirt.
  • Field Details

    • model

      public String model
      string indicating the CPU model
    • memory

      public long memory
      memory size in kilobytes
    • cpus

      public int cpus
      the number of active CPUs
    • mhz

      public int mhz
      expected CPU frequency
    • nodes

      public int nodes
      the number of NUMA cell, 1 for uniform
    • sockets

      public int sockets
      number of CPU socket per node
    • cores

      public int cores
      number of core per socket
    • threads

      public int threads
      number of threads per core
  • Constructor Details

    • NodeInfo

      public NodeInfo()
    • NodeInfo

      public NodeInfo(virNodeInfo vInfo)
  • Method Details

    • maxCpus

      public int maxCpus()
      the total number of CPUs supported but not necessarily active in the host.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object